Gems and stones are to be worn to ward which reduces the negative influences of planets as their vibrations regularly corresponds to a given planets. The Indian astrology gemstones finds out the suitable stones for a person by the way of astrological calculations which ensures overall growth and well being. The accurate and suitable item related to this along with its correct weight and wearing method are mandatory to arouse the desired benefits of a human being that ensure success. The accuracy and reliability depend mainly on the sharp observation and experience in this field and with the science it is related with the astrophysics. We prescribe both things that strengthen or accelerate the desired results of a human being. There are various categories of this as follows. 1. Ruby : Related with pleasure 2. Emerald : use for happiness 3. Yellow Saphaire.: Water problem abating 4. Blue Saphaire. 5. Corel 6. Neelam: Money 7. Munga: Lagan 8. Moti: Moon 9, Garnet: Sun 10. Pukhraj: Politics etc. 50452